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Tannoy Sensys R Bookshelf Speakers


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Tannoy Sensys R

Bookshelf Speakers


Tannoy Sensys R specs

Description of work

The following tasks and parts have either been repaired or replaced:
Speaker binding posts treated with DeoxIT
Washed and cleaned cabinets
Tested in excess of 4 hours

Warranty: 6 months

RV HIFI says:

The sound quality on these Tannoy Sensys R are of a high resolution speaker with beautiful detail, its easy to pick out instruments. Voices sound natural and very real, great bass for their size, even though they are a sealed design. The metal tweeter sounds airy clear and adds great rasp to metallic instruments.


RV HIFI is passionate about Vintage HIFI, so we believe in doing the job right!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 52 x 46 x 24 cm