Pioneer Rondo 3000X Stereo System – SOLD

Pioneer Rondo 3000X System image1ePioneer Rondo 3000X System image1e
Pioneer Rondo 3000X System image1ePioneer Rondo 3000X System image1e
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Pioneer Rondo 3000X Stereo System – SOLD

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Pioneer Rondo-3000X

Stereo System


 RH HIFI has transformed this late 1970’s “all silver” popular favorite, the Rondo 3000X  into classy looking system!


Circuitry:        Differential 1st stage, all stage direct-coupled, quasi-complementary OCL
Continuous Power Output:       40Hz – 20Hz  (both channels driven) 13Watts + 13Watts / 4 ohms
                                         1kHz (both channels driven) 16Watts + 16Watts / 4 ohms
FM Frequency range:       88MHz – 108MHz
AM Frequency range:         525kHz – 1,605kHz
Dimensions:        430W x 298D x 196H mm
Weight:         9.0 kg
Type:         Belt-drive, Auto-return, Auto-cut
Cartridge:          Ortofon OM3E
Dimensions:        430W x 340D x 160H mm
Weight:          7.2 kg
Type:         3 way bass-reflex type
Speakers:        Woofer – 20 cm cone type
Mid-range – 6.6 cm cone type
Tweeter – 6.6 cm cone type  
Dimensions:        290W x 275D x 550H mm
Weight:          7.3 kg each speaker
Power requirement:           AC 240V 50Hz
Year:            1978
Description of work
The following tasks and parts have either been repaired or replaced:
Turntable has been rebuilt, serviced, polished platter, new belt, new Ortofon OM3E cartridge & new 4mm acrylic lid
Receiver has had all capacitors replaced with quality types
New Illumination globes
All PCB boards washed, checked and re-soldered
Washed and treated all potentiometers with De-Oxit
Calibrated all adjustable measurements
Treated all RCA’s with De-Oxit
Treated all contacts points with De-Oxit
Washed and cleaned chassis
Cleaned and polished all alloy parts, fascia and knobs
Speakers have had crossover capacitors replaced, new brown speaker grill cloth and acoustic improvements
Turntable base, Receiver case and speaker cabinets has been laminated with 3M wood veneer vinyl
New 240 volt AC power leads
Tested in excess of 10 hours
Condition: 9.9/10

RV HIFI says:

We decided to get creative, the all silver Rondo system can be a bit over-bearing and out dated. The new result is superb, the system components are completely matched.

The Pioneer Rondo 3000X stereo system is better than new, totally rebuilt this attractive system will give many years of pleasure.

This stereo system  also comes with quality QMAX speaker cable, FM antenna lead and a record brush!

Warranty: 12 months


Please contact us with your Country, State, Postcode or Zip code and we will quote you on the shipping.

Due to many components, we will need to ship in separate cartons.

Additional information

Weight 70.55 kg


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