Dual CS 731Q Turntable Record Player (SOLD!)

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Dual CS 731Q Turntable Record Player (SOLD!)

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Dual CS 731Q Turntable Record Player

2 Speed, (33.33/45)
RPM Cueing, viscosity damped
Fully Automatic Operation
Quartz Controlled PLL Electronic Direct Drive Turntable
Tonearm Anti-Resonance
Front Panel Controls
Kardan ULM Tonearm
Strobe Light
Ortofon 60 E Cartridge
Metallic Brown Finish

Technical Specifications

Motor Quartz Stabilized electronic direct drive system using the DUAL EDS 920
Start Up Time 1.8 secs at 33.33 RPM
Platter Non-magnetic, Dynamically Balanced, removable 1.5kg
Speed Control Quartz Exact, illuminated strobescope with automatic frequency switchover for 33 and 45 RPM.
Wow & Flutter DIN: +/- 0.025% WRMS: +/- 0.015%
Rumble Unweighted: 55dB Weighted: 78dB
Tonearm Distortion free, Ultra Low Mass (ULM) tubular aluminum mounted in a 4 ponit gimbal bearing. Counterbalance with tuning anti-resonator.
Tracking Force 0-2 grams
Years Manufactured 1978-81′
Mains Voltage 240volts
Dimensions W425mm x D385mm x H140mm
Weight TBC


RV HIFI Product Specific Report:

(our report on the specific product you are looking at and what work we have done to restore it)

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This Turntable is in very good condition, plinth is perfect condition. The acrylic cover has the usual age marks.
All functions work as they should without any clitches.
Cartridge and stylus is in very good condition.


Additional information

Weight 22.05 kg


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