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Celestion County C Loudspeakers -SOLD-

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Celestion County C loudspeakers


The Celestion County C is an excellent quality bookshelf loudspeaker, manufactured with real-wood veneer cabinets. They produce a superior, well-rounded and smooth sound quality as well as having a dynamic bass response.

Nominal Loading: 25W
Impedance: 4 – 8 ohms
Weight: 7kg each
Dimensions(w x d x h) W 255mm x D 245mm x H485mm
Made in the UK

Description of work
The following tasks and parts have either been repaired or replaced:
Re-surface the timber (sanded), stained and waxed.
Crossovers rebuilt, new capacitors
Banana plugs fitted to terminal mount
New velcro to hold grills
Tested in excess of 4 hours

Warranty: 8 months


The Celestions County C loudspeakers will sound their best coupled to a tube valve amplifier and some early solid state amplifiers, like Sansui, Pioneer, Kenwood and Marantz.


RV HIFI is passionate about Vintage HIFI, so we believe in doing the job right!

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