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CELEF PE1 Loudspeakers – SOLD –

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CELEF logoCELEF PE1 Loudspeakers



CELEF PE1 specs

Description of work

The following tasks and parts have either been repaired or replaced:
New HI-END speaker binding posts, treated with DeoxIT
Washed and cleaned cabinets
Tested in excess of 4 hours

Warranty: 8 months

RV HIFI says:

The CELEF PE1 is a serious speaker system, these are the type of speakers you keep, because they are so good! They sound excellent, clear, transparent, detailed with excellent bottom end and definition, dynamics are breath taking, similar to ProAc speakers. Cabinets are in pristine condition, these units are in mint condition, we also include the original shipping cartons.

ProAc Limited is a British loudspeaker manufacturing company. The company was reportedly founded by Stewart Tyler in 1979 and registered on 09/05/1988. The brand of ProAc was built on the reputation of his first loudspeaker manufacturing entity, Celef Audio Ltd., which was reportedly founded in 1973, incorporated on 10/09/1975 and renamed to Celef Audio International Limited on 10/12/1985. The Celef name is no longer used for marketing, but still appears to remain the legal and financial entity operating the ProAc brand.

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