Dave Grainey and Clare Moore visit

RV HIFI had a surprise visit from Dave Grainey and Clare Moore, they had purchased an Amplifier and a Cassette Deck.

Dave Grainey is an Australian rock musician, singer-songwriter and author from Melbourne. Since 1978, Graney has been accompanied by drummer, Clare Moore. The pair have fronted numerous bands including The Moodists (1980 to 1987), Dave Graney and The White Buffaloes (1989 to 1990), Dave Graney and Coral Snakes (1987 to 1989, 1991 to 1997), The Dave Graney Show (1998 to 2003) , Dave Graney and Clare Moore featuring the Lurid Yellow Mist or Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist (2004 to 2011) and currently, Dave Graney and the mistLY.


Service Department Closed

RV HIFI has closed the SERVICE DEPARTMENT until further notice

We will not be talking on any new Restorations, Repairs or service work for the time being.

RV HIFI will be concentrating on producing stock for the Online Store.

We thank all the customers that have given us the privilege to work on their equipment and we will be back early next year!

Otherwise it’s business as usual, watch us on FaceBook with more restored lovely HIFI pieces for sale!

DeoxIT now available at RV HIFI


Made by CAIG Laboratories in the US.
These amazing products can:
Improve conductivity
Deoxidise, clean and preserve
Reduce intermittent connections
Reduce arcing and RFI
Reduce wear and abrasion

As recognised and used by thousands of companies worldwide, including Boeing, Dolby Labs, Federal Express, Hewlett Packard, Motorola and Xerox for servicing and repairing equipment.

DeoxIT helps to prevent the oxidisation process from occurring on contacts and connectors increasing conductivity ensuring you get the most from your equipment and components.

DeoxIT’s unique properties allow it to work on stationary and moving contacts and connectors with similar or dissimilar metals. Even when a treated connector mates with an untreated one DeoxIT will migrate and coat the other! When connectors are separated, DeoxIT will recoat the exposed metal surfaces to prevent oxidisation whilst apart. DeoxIT’s advanced formula contains deoxidisers, preservatives, conductivity enhancers, arcing and RFI inhibitors and anti-tarnishing compounds than significantly increase the performance of electrical components.

PLEASE NOTE: At  this point of time, RV HIFI will only be stocking the MINI-SPRAY range.